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I’m done drawing for tonight, I think…Tales of Zestiria has some cute designs. I really like Alicia, and I should draw Slay/Sorey’s fusion form with Layla.


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Anonymous asked: What is the writer's thoughts on Julius and his actions during the course of the game?


[♫ ~ Out of Tune - Major Spoilers for Xillia 2] 

Oh, anon, where to begin?

He reminds me a lot of Franz from Gankutsuou if you’re familiar with it - the anime adaptation of the Count of Monte Cristo. Julius cares with the kind of rare intensity I would imagine is reserved for saints and he he goes through so much  for his devotion to his younger brother, but he still manages to seem light-hearted through it all, even as everything he’s worked toward falls apart around him.

I admire Julius’ conviction - the cruelty of Origin’s trial is plain to him, he’s been caught up in the politics and the brutal warfare of it since his youth and yet he still retains his steadfast resolve, determined to go to whatever means necessary to protect his younger brother from getting himself involved in the game even though, if you played it like I did, Ludger is pretty much a sassy dick to his older brother for the first three or four chapters. Or you know, all of it.

I can only imagine how Julius tries to hold out the hope that he will collect the waymarkers and then turn the tables on Bisley and Rideux so that at the end, he can go back to the life he and Ludger could have led. With every dimension lacking a waymarker, he just becomes that much more resolved to work harder, to destroy them faster, thinking maybe reaching the land of Canaan won’t even be necessary if he can just destroy all of the fractures himself. But for every one destroyed, another pops up. He even goes so far as to borrow Ludger’s watch to help speed the process. No good. And how much more infuriating would it be that he had to lean on his younger brother’s chromatus because his own wasn’t sufficient to take on the task alone? 

And then Ludger goes and gets himself involved anyway and at first Julius tries to force him out - first by rigging the exam, then physically later on the train. It doesn’t work. Then suddenly little bro is collecting waymarkers at breakneck speed along with the key of kresnik and Julius tries to reason with him because Ludger can’t possibly know what’s in store. But with each dimension down, Ludger and Elle’s bond grows and I think that Julius begins to see the same relationship between them, that same closeness that he feels for Ludger until they reach Kijara Seafalls and is becomes all too clear that Ludger isn’t going to quit. 

And so for a majority of the game from that point, Julius gives up on his own selfish goals and is literally just holding off Chronos, alone, so that Ludger and the others can do what he isn’t able to. (And also you know, eat poranges, grind out the gald, have debates about Jude’s tether life, all that important stuff.) He is branded a terrorist. He is wrecked, he is tired, he can already tell what’s in store but he still gives one hundred percent of himself to insuring that their quest is seen through to its bitter end because that is how much he cares.

And then when that end comes, taking Ludger’s life instead isn’t even an option - it doesn’t even cross his mind - he gives himself willingly. That was all his life was ever intended to be under Bisley’s eye anyways - fodder for the soul bridge. But still I mean he could just say to fuck with you all, kill Ludger, cross the bridge, and then wish - like Victor - to live in a world where their family could be whole again and not have to participate in Origin’s Trial. But he doesn’t because that world isn’t the one that would make him happy anymore. He doesn’t die because he has to anymore; it’s because the world he wants to see is the one that Ludger will build, even if he can’t be a part of it.

If that’s selfishness, then I’m in the wrong dimension.




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