Going Away for 4 days! uvu

So starting tomorrow the 5th until 8th I’m going out of my hometown Jakarta to take a family trip to Solo and Jogjakarta. Its also a break from my hectic schedule of campus life and such. Another reason is that its almost ramadhan month so its time to gotta go pay respects and prays to both my grandpa and grandma’s grave.¬†

And since it would be kinda hard to go where there is connection¬†accessible, well it just means I wont be able to post anything here while I’m gone. Just a heads up ;v;

I’ll miss tumblr so much.

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    whaa thank you ;; oh gosh i will be sure tho if i can sneak in i will definitely do that ;v; thank you again janet u3u
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    I hope you have a nice time on vacation! Sucks there won’t be any connection for you. Well if you find a window of...
  3. saberevangel said: himeeeeeee ;v; be careful on the way there!